Name: Bruce J. Gitlin
Diversity Profile
Profile: Bruce J. Gitlin, P.C. is a professional corporation within which Bruce J. Gitlin, Esq. is the principal attorney. Bruce has been practicing law for twenty five years, attended Corn.
Practice Areas: Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Slip and Fall., Dog Bites, Worker’s Compensation, Social Security.
Location: New York (New York Co.)
Wrongful Death: The death of a human being as the result of a wrongful act of another person. Such wrongful acts include: negligence, an intentional attack such as assault and/or battery, a death in the course of another crime, vehicle manslaughter, manslaughter, or murder. Wrongful death is the basis for a lawsuit (wrongful death action) against the party or parties who caused the death filed on behalf of the members of the family who have lost the company and support of the deceased.