Name: Chaffin Luhana LLP
Diversity Profile
Profile: Chaffin Luhana is a plaintiffs-only law firm with a national trial practice focused on representing plaintiffs in mass tort, securities and whistleblower cases in federal and state.
Practice Areas: Defective Medical Devices; Dangerous Drugs; Whistleblowers; Securities.
Location: New York (New York Co.)
Dangerous offender: The “dangerous offender” approach is unconstitutional in the United States where a person convicted of a crime must be released from criminal incarceration at end of sentence. If there is a question that the person may continue to be dangerous, he can be civilly committed if, through a judicial hearing, it is determined that a concurrent mental disorder makes it likely that he will continue to be dangerous because he lacks any self control. This issue arose in the case of sex offenders in Kansas v. Hendricks (1997) in which the court did allow limited commitment, but it reversed itself on the very same issue in Kansas v. Crane (2002), imposing much stricter commitment standards. Since such a high burden of proof can be met only rarely, there are a variety of state and federal sex offender registration laws geared to protect the public. The constitutionality of these have been upheld by the United States Supreme Court in Smith v. Doe (2003).