Name: Campos Galván y Abogados, S.C.
Diversity Profile
Premier Partner
Profile: CAMPOS GALVÁN Y ABOGADOS, is a Mexican Law Firm specialized on international business and commercial transactions providing legal services to Mexican and foreign clients through it.
Practice Areas: Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Sanitary Regulations.
Location: New York (New York Co.)
Acquisition: Or takeover is the purchase of one business or company by another company or other business entity. Such purchase may be of 100%, or nearly 100%, of the assets or ownership equity of the acquired entity. Consolidation occurs when two companies combine together to form a new enterprise altogether, and neither of the previous companies survives independently. Acquisitions are divided into “private” and “public” acquisitions, depending on whether the acquiree or merging company is or is not listed on a public stock market. An additional dimension or categorization consists of whether an acquisition is friendly or hostile.

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