Name: Cestone & Thompson, P.C.
Diversity Profile
Profile: Cestone & Thompson, P.C. is a boutique Tax, Trusts and Estates practice serving individuals, families and businesses in Northern / Central New Jersey and metropolitan New York. We .
Firm Size: 2
Practice Areas: Business Succession Planning; Estate Litigation; Trusts and Estates; Decedents Estates; Tax Exempt Organizations; Taxation; Contested Trusts and Estates; Estate Administration; Estate Planning; Corporate Governance; Estate Planning.
Lateral succession: Lateral or fraternal system of succession mandates principles of seniority among members of a dynasty or dynastic clan, with a purpose of election a best qualified candidate for the leadership. The leaders are elected as being the most mature elders of the clan, already in possession of military power and competence. Fraternal succession is preferred to ensure that mature leaders are in charge, removing a need for regents. The lateral system of succession may or may not exclude male descendants in the female line from succession. In practice, when no male heir is mature enough, a female heir is usually determined “pragmatically”, by proximity to the last monarch, like Boariks of the Caucasian Huns or Tamiris of Massagetes in Middle Asia. The lateral monarch is generally elected after the leadership throne becomes vacant.

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