Name: Charles A. Ross & Associates LLC
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Profile: Charles A. Ross & Associates is a dynamic criminal defense firm. We excel in the representation of individuals charged with complex crimes in state and federal courts. Chuck Ross i.
Firm Size: 6
Practice Areas: Civil Forfeiture; White Collar Criminal Law; Criminal Law; SEC Enforcement; Securities Law; Burglary; Assault and Battery; Capital Offenses; Crime Victims Compensation; Criminal Appeals; Criminal Conspiracy; Criminal Antitrust.
Location: New York (New York Co.)
Civil and criminal law: Most legal systems distinguish between the criminal and the civil, generally using separate courts, different procedures and different evidentiary rules. The traditional view is that crimes are public wrongs and that the criminal law addresses those who harm society through morally culpable acts in order that punishment may be imposed and potential offenders may thereby be deterred from committing similar offenses. Criminal proceedings are therefore “officially designated ceremonies of guilt designation” and the label “criminal” carries with it a social stigma, which is not imposed on the losing party in a civil action. Because of this stigma and the potential punishment, which may be imposed by a criminal court, legal systems provide procedural protections above those available to a respondent in a civil case. For example, criminal proceedings require a standard of proof. In the civil proceedings against Simon Prophet no evidence was presented by the state to the courts.

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